Monday, August 18, 2014

Classic Offers

The onset of hurricane season (June 1 - November 30), and our recent brush with Arthur, the season’s first, has brought increased attention to the extreme weather events facing homes in our coastal region, and the importance of building techniques that enhance a home’s disaster resistance. No builder understands the process better than we do. 
In 2005, we (Classic) became the first builder in South Carolina to build to the FORTIFIED for Safer Living® standards.  Partnering with the Insurance Institute for Business & Home Safety, IBHS, and many leading manufacturers, we brought new homeowners the FORTIFIED® option which specifies code-plus protection measures to increase a home’s disaster resistance to natural weather hazards.
What makes a FORTIFIED home different?
 FORTIFIED® homes have greater wall, window and door protection and stronger connections between the roof, walls and foundation. This results in a greater resistance to the force of high winds and earthquakes. The FORTIFIED® building process is a real plus for those living here along the coast.
Two of the storm-ready features of a FORTIFIED® home are impact-resistant windows and doors which combine heavy-duty aluminum or vinyl frames with crash resistant laminated glass. Upon the force of wind or flying debris, laminated glass may crack, but the debris will not penetrate the plastic interlayer, keeping the glass intact within the frame, and the opening protected. With the building’s envelope sealed, a structure is guarded from wind-borne debris and the destruction caused by hurricane-force winds.
The Grand Strand got its first glance of this process in 2005 when we hosted a press conference during which a batter from the Myrtle Beach Pelicans shattered, but didn’t break, the specially built window of a FORTIFIED® home.  The bat used during that press conference still hangs in our lobby as testimony to the window’s strength and durability.
One of the major differences in a FORTIFIED® home is in its construction which may consist of wood framing or Insulated Concrete Forms. 
What are the benefits?
In addition to beauty and durability, a FORTIFIED® home offers homeowners discounts on insurance premiums from many of the major carriers.
 As a nation, and as South Carolinians, we have witnessed many natural disasters and we have seen their effects on those individuals who call these hard-hit areas home.  The threat of hurricanes and natural disasters is real, no matter where we live.  If you’re in the process of building, think about the benefits of a FORTIFIED® home.

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Southern Living Showcase Home Sponsor of the Week: The Long Bay Symphony

The Long Bay Symphony was founded back in 1987 and has been performing beautiful music around the area for years. They play a range of classical to light classical concerts. Enhancing the force and vision of the arts in our local community is their commitment. By providing classes and concerts affordable for all ages, they are able to continue on with this vision! We are so grateful to have them as one of our sponsors. They did an amazing job playing at the Grande Dunes Gala. A series of concerts and events will soon be held, such as the Oktober Festival of Fashion and Elijah by Felix Mendelssohn. You can look up more information and dates on their website.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Southern Living Showcase Home Sponsor of the Week: The Kangaroo Pouch

Our nursery has been a favorite among visitors to our home, and it wouldn't be possible without The Kangaroo Pouch!  They carry the most modern and stylish baby furniture, clothes and accessories. Nothing completes a nursery better than the right decorations!

The Kangaroo Pouch has two locations: one on Mr. Joe White Avenue, and one in the Market Commons.  We are very grateful to The Kangaroo Pouch for their sponsorship and think they have done a fabulous job! Come by the Southern Living Showcase Home to see their work - the nursery truly is one of a kind.

Here's a link from the Sun News with some sneak peek photos of the nursery, as well as other parts of the home: Sun News Gallery

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Southern Living Showcase Home National Sponsor of the Week July 9-13

This week's national sponsor is Sherwin-Williams Paints! They specialize in producing some of the finest interior, exterior, and even automotive paints, as well as stains, primers, and coatings. We firmly believe that wall color is an essential part in making a house a home, so of course we have only the best on the walls throughout the Showcase Home. With the uses of light blues, golds, and neutral hues, our home is really beginning to look spectacular. We cannot wait to see how the rooms come together against the backdrop of our great Sherwin-Williams colors. Here are a few photos of their great product in our home so far:

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Southern Living Showcase Home Weekly National Sponsor - June 25-29

We have selected Sunbrella for our national sponsor spotlight this week! Having been the leader in performance fabric since 1951, Sunbrella's product is truly exceptional. They specialize in outdoor fabric that has proven to out-stand the test of time and the elements. We cannot wait to see their products on the home's patio once it is completed. It will give our home the decorative pop and durability we all love to see. Here are some photos of Sunbrella's fantastic product:

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Southern Living Showcase Home Weekly Photo Update - 6/21/12

This week's photo update comes with a few beautiful new additions to the house! The fireplace has almost reached completion, as well as the flooring in one of the bathrooms and the wall tiling in the master bath. The flooring in the master bath has been completed and it looks great! Enjoy!

The fireplace in the family room is almost finished! - 6/21/12
The flooring in the bathroom on the right side of the house. Almost done! - 6/21/12
The completed flooring in the master bath. - 6/21/12
The wall tiling in the master bath has really gotten off to a great start! - 6/21/12
The molding is done in the family room! Gorgeous! - 6/21/12

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Southern Living Showcase Home Weekly National Sponsor - June 18-22

This week's national sponsor spotlight is on Eldorado Stone, LLC. They are an exceptional company that specializes in stone veneers. Their products have begun to be installed and their completion is projected to be within the next few weeks at our home! We will post pictures once they are completed, but for now we will post their sample photos of previous jobs. We hope you find the most believable stone veneers in the world as beautiful as we do!

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